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Perfect Fit blinds are the most innovative blind solution that has hit the market in recent years. The unique system allows you to install various blind types to your window with no drilling or screwing required. Simply push your clips into the rubber gasket of your windows and bring the frame with the blind already installed on it to the clips to connect.





Suitable for windows with a bead depth of 18, 20, 22, 24, 30 and 38mm. Available in Roller, Vision, Pleated or Venetian blind types.


Tropical Blinds can motorise this product as a hard wired or unique battery option where charging can be done by simply inserting your charger into the corner end cap of the frame.


Hundreds of materials available in Roller, Vision, Pleated or Venetian blind types

At Tropical we have pioneered the use of motorisation in Perfect Fit blinds. This now gives the customer the option to have an Aluminium Venetian, Pleated, Roller or Vision blind, fully motorised, on rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are concealed within the frame. Simply recharge through the corner end cap as pictured. Hardwired options are also available.


Tropical Blinds use only the finest components when manufacturing our blinds to give that quality look and feel over years of use. Our Perfect Fit blinds are manufactured with the highest gauge of aluminium slat and a solid bottom bar that slots neatly into the frame.


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