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Sliding doors are one of the most sought after door systems on the market. 

With the ability to have large single panes of glass means that there is a considerably smaller amount of frame. Sliding doors are great if you are looking for the wow factor.

As the panes of glass are larger on sliding door systems, it is important to take into consideration the weight of the product because as nice as the doors would look, they become pretty redundant if they are too heavy to move. We are proud to offer a lift and slide system which enables you to have vast amounts of glass without the worry of them being too heavy.

Sliding Doors

Colour Options

9001 White

9010 Pure White

Petina Green 6010

4012 Pearl Black

1013 Oyster White

8011 Nut Brown

8016 Mahogany Brown

5012 Light Blue

9005 Jet Black

9007 Grey Aluminium

9011 Graphite Black

7015 Dark Grey

4004 Claret Violet

3007 Black Red

6012 Black Green

5004 Black Blue

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