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One of the most versatile forms of window shading, Paradise Aluminium blinds are very popular in both domestic and contract settings. A practical solution that comes in a vast range of colours and choice of slat widths.



The Paradise range is available in 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm width slats with hardware systems to match. All blinds are made using colour coordinated head and bottom rails and in either ladder braid or tape.


Can be motorised in both hard wired or battery operated systems. Can also be motorised via battery system fit in Perfect Fit.


Over 120 different slat colours featuring various finishes and textures.

Our Aluminium Venetian blinds are extremely popular in Perfect Fit frames. We use only the highest quality hardware systems for smooth and long lasting operation. Any one of our 120 Paradise Venetian blind colours can be used in conjunction with the Perfect Fit frame. See also “Perfect Fit


At Tropical we can motorise our 25mm, 35mm and 50mm Aluminium Venetian blinds. Using our 50mm x 50mm Classic headrail system, we install a Somfy tubular motor for full raise and lower operation. A tilt only motor is also available for a more basic solution. Motorised Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are made using a concealed lithium battery in the frame on our 25mm Elan Hardware.


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